The American Dream Band


The American Dream Band was formed in December of 2003, when some young musicians in Dallas, Texas came together to form this magical group.

The American Dream Band's CD, "HE IS ALIVE," was recorded in two sessions. The first session was October 24th and the second session was October 30th the day before Halloween 2004. The CD was released on The King's 70th Birthday, January 8, 2005!

There was a strange twist of events during the making of this CD. The King's spirit was present in the building during the recording sessions, but had to leave early while recording the first session. He returned six days later in the midst of the second session to finish recording his last three songs.

Close your eyes when you listen to this CD and in your mind's eye you will see the King himself singing along with his band! You have to listen to the CD completely to feel the entire spiritual experience. Some people may be skeptical and may not believe, but those who are wise will understand.

Learn how the spirit of The King was able to be present in the building during the making of this CD, read the exiting news about our friends who are ALIVE and IN THE BUILDING!


The Songs on "HE IS ALIVE" CD

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