The Revealment

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  The Universal Bible with Magnifico: The Revealment: 21st Century Translation of the New Testament of the Holy Bible transprojected for the Divine Apostles and Our Lord and Savior Jesus the Christ.  

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The SOLE PURPOSE of this text, six years and five weeks in careful reception and transcription, is neither to replace nor erase the deeds or words of past history, but to enhance the future. It is to place within the consciousness we know to be within us and about us, a present-day guide to that unfolding of Eternal Love to which we all aspire. The truth is in its text. You will feel the spirit's presence, you will see all things in one, you will recognize the Ought, which gives reality-to all existence.

Ever so often there comes to earth another light of truth and trust to rejuvenate the fires of mankind's hope. Ever so often, upon the frequencies of God and Immortality, there comes the transprojection of Love divine with a greater knowledge of Love eternal. Somewhere here and there and now and then, those who listen closely to the channels become the channels, and inscribe these greater depths of Love and its understanding for the world to know and use.

As with all things good and true and honest, the Mind and Heart of God speaks through and to the minds and hearts of humankind.

Such is the case of The New Age Testament Interpretation, with its total emphasis on the totality of priceless Love.

Truth stands alone as its own defense in every situation and relation, and what is right and just survives the world. Thus is the law of God. All creation comes into being, moves through its moment of time, sheds its earth-cloak and disappears into the ether, leaving behind only the result of its being. Crowns and colonies do the same, as the Light of God illumes the darkness, and scribes transcribe new fundamentals for the dawning of another age. For us to see tomorrow's sunrise through eyes more filled with Love for God and all Creation, we must stand on daybreak's horizon and bask in the Light which Christ sends forth for all of life.

Alphabets and numbers, names and numerals, are of necessity the language of humanity while the zenith of feeling is the language of God. Let this work, then, have no authors but the Presence, abounding in creation, abiding in Love. Let none own its content for all own its Truth.

Let it serve to counsel and comfort, to remind us that no one stands alone or can be alone, that only can we find ourselves and know ourselves and be ourselves in the Oneness which is our God, our Christ, our Spirit and our Creation.

-- William O'Neal Biship

Dallas, Texas 1983


Neal Biship | The Revealment | Everywhere The Light | Zittelle | Foreword | Introduction | Vision

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