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Neal Biship

  Neal Biship is a distinguished, award-winning author-editor-artist, whose creative talents have made him known throughout Texas and the Southwest. He is a native of Memphis, Tennessee, a graduate of The Elwood College of Hollywood, California with special work at Southern Methodist University and special courses to his credit at Oklahoma University, Oklahoma A&M and the University of Colorado. He has held memberships in the International Scholastic Society, National Honor Society, Tulsa Press Club, The American Alumni Council, director of the Tulsa Junior Chamber of Commerce where he was named one of three outstanding young men in that city, Elwood Alumni Association, SMU Alumni Association, Religious Public Relations Council, Dallas Gem and Mineral Society and Spiritual Frontiers Fellowship. He served on the administrative staff of the Southern Methodist University for many years where he won national and international acclaim for his highly specialized publications in the field of religion and education.

To his credits are works for institutions, including SMU, such as Wadley Research Institute, Methodist Hospital, Texas Research Foundation, Scottish Rite Hospital, Texas Methodist College Association and a host of others. He has designed and created many of the church forms, promotional materials, newsletters, bulletins and other individualized materials used by churches of many denominations across the nation. He headed the publicity and promotion for one of the largest educational campaigns ever in the Southwest, the $32,000,000 United Capital Funds campaign for Texas Methodist Higher Education.

An outstanding artist in his own right, he has to his credit more than one thousand oil paintings in collections and museums across the country. He is a decorated veteran of the U. S. Navy (Seabees) for his endeavors when his ship was torpedoed during the famous Battle of Leyte in World War II. Over the years he has served as publicity director for the Tulsa State Fair and assistant publicity director for the International Oil Exposition, and as a special correspondent for the United Press International. He was awarded the Distinguished Service Award by the Texas Nursing Home Association for originating and editing its statewide publication, he was named among one of the top alumni editors in America by the American Alumni Council. He has written for radio and television, and some of his writings have been translated and reprinted into languages of other countries.

His work has been acclaimed as "refreshing and creative and well-sustained" by top governmental officials and religious leaders of many denominations. For example, the late Dr. Karl H. Moore of Highland Baptist Church in Dallas said of Neal Biship, in an article in The Dallas Morning News, ". . . his words and sentences have the ring of an artist or philosopher or poet or theologian or prophet."

You, too, will be amazed and astounded when you read the latest manuscript by this talented author. It reads like a master's work of fiction, yet, in truth, it is true. The information contained on these pages may well be one of mankind's first and fewest glimpses of the purpose and meaning of life itself in the great beyond. When you begin reading "Everywhere The Light", we, as its publishers, believe you will not be able to lay the book down until you have read and digested one of the most amazing true happenings in the history of man. Here is a man who believes strongly in The Father, The Son and The Holy Ghost, and further, in the fact that The Lord is far from being through with His work and the recording of the history of our time. 


Neal Biship | The Revealment | Everywhere The Light | Zittelle | Foreword | Introduction | Vision

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