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"Treatment for Solar Keratoses removal turns into an Extreme Facelift"

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Did you know it is possible to remove years of SUN DAMAGE from your face and prevent solar/actinic keratoses from progressing into squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer?

Most people do not realize that there is something that can be done to prevent full blown skin cancer. Skin cancer is something we start developing when we are young and fearless.

If you have BLUE EYES, LIGHT SKIN and grew-up in the 50's, 60s or 70's you probably have developing AKs on your face right now! AKs are precancerous skin lesions caused by years of extreme sun exposure.

Most people can remember the worst sunburns of their life, AKs start developing from the damage done to the skin by these repeated sunburns. As years go by, each sunburn causes the AKs to continually develop in the skin until eventually 10% of the AKs (solar or actinic keratoses) progress into squamous cell carcinoma skin cancer.

Once you are diagnosed as having a spot of skin cancer, the solution is usually CUT IT OUT before it spreads! Actually skin cancer does not spread, it is already within the skin waiting to come through and expose itself. During this end stage of the AK development, surgery is usually what most people end up doing and then for the rest of their life, they worry about another cancer spot popping up.

The face is the most common place for skin cancer to develop because throughout our lifetime the face is usually uncovered and unprotected from the sun. What most people do not realize is that AKs develop on ANY unprotected area of the face that gets sunburned year after year. This means not only on your nose but everywhere on your face, even under the thin hair of the temples and sideburns.

For many years I worried about being diagnosed with skin cancer because I have been exposed to the sun all of my life. I have driven sports car convertibles in the South for over 35 years and like most men, have never used any kind of skin protection. Tough guys don't worry about that stuff, RIGHT? Very WRONG; everyone should protect their skin from excessive sun exposure, especially if you have BLUE EYES!

In early 2003 I went to a dermatologist to have a dark spot on my back checked for skin cancer. It turned out the spot was not my problem, the problem was my face was covered with AKs!

The doctor gave me a prescription for 5-Fluorouracil cream and a videotape on solar/actinic keratoses. About a year went by and in the middle of the winter on February 5, 2004 I decided to start using the fluorouracil cream.

After viewing the AK video tape the doctor gave me, I realized my face was going to get extremely red and painful so I decided to treat my AKs during the COOLEST MONTHS of the year!

I am very glad I started during the winter months, because after about 5 days my face felt like it did after the worst sunburn of my life! Day after day I kept applying the cream, even though my face looked like it had been in some kind of an explosion.

I started taking pictures of my face every 2 or 3 days; everything was happening so fast I wasn't sure what to do. I could tell the cream was working so I continued using it until the AKs died and flaked off, pealed off or scraped off. It was a long, painful, mind-expanding experience but it was all well worth the time and discomfort.

AK skin cells are considered fast producing skin cells and fluorouracil cream kills fast producing skin cells. The fluorouracil cream kills the AKs and draws them to the surface of the skin. As the AKs slowly came through the surface of the skin, they can be removed layer at a time.  

There are tons of people walking around every day unaware of the fact that they have AKs. Not only are they unaware of having AKs, they are also unaware there is something that can be done to remove the threat of skin cancer that AKs create. AKs are the beginnings of skin cancer, people with BLUE EYES and LIGHT SKIN should pay special attention to this important information.

I would like to help educate as many people as possible about this option to remove the threat of skin cancer. My AK removal experience has helped educate people around the world about this method of removing AKs. Click here to read comments in my guest book or to add your own comments. To ask a question about my AK removal experience, please send email to question@extremefacelift.com.


Dennis E. Newton, M.D. Supervisory Doctor

(A special "Thank You" goes to Dr. Newton)


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Seven Daily Steps | Removing Solar Keratoses | How Do Aks Come Off? | How I Removed AKs?

Left side smile line lesion | Right side smile line lesion | AKs from eyebrows | AKs around ears

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