Treatment for AK Actinic Keratosis

How I Removed My Solar/Actinic Keratosis


I started on my forehead and then seven (7) days later I continued on my cheeks and a brown spot on the left side of my nose. After fourteen (14) days I realized the AKs were all over my face, so I ended up doing my complete face including my nose, forehead, cheeks and neck.

I wanted my whole face to have the same look when I was finished, so I applied the cream everywhere including around my eye sockets. I followed the instructions and made sure I did not apply the cream inside of my eye sockets (orbital bone) or inside of my nose.

After thirty (30) days I realized I had lesions that were half cooked on my temples and found out I COULD NOT remove half of a lesion! So I had to shave the hair from the top of my ears up to the top of my hairline on my temples in order to remove the lesions entirely.

The cream does NOT work properly through the hair, skin must be shaved daily everywhere you are applying the cream. Lesions are even on the skin under thin hairlines, the cream does not damage your hair so do not be afraid to shave your hair, it grows back fast.

If I had it to do over, I would start on the bottom half of my face the first week, from my ears and eyes down. Lesions on the cheeks are thicker than lesions on the forehead, that is why I would start on the bottom half first.

After this first week, I would shave my hair above my ears to my temples and even shave my eye browses. Then start applying the cream to my upper face, forehead and temples. After the first week you don't care what you look like, you just want to finish it and get it done right.

They say it supposed to work in three (3) weeks of use and one (1) week of healing. But I would say it depends on how complete of a job you want done. I wanted a complete job because I didn't want to have to do it over again! It took me about two and a half (2 1/2) months of extreme pain and then another three (3) months to finish up missed areas.

I made a BIG mistake on day number seventy (70), I got in a hurry and applied the cream two (2) times a day for two (2) days and everywhere I was using it, the cream stopped working and the skin I was treating started to bleed. The removal process stopped and it took me several weeks to restart the process again and slowly finish up the job. As long as you use the cream once a day as directed, it is really a very safe procedure that is hard to mess up.

I realized the cream KILLS fast producing skin cells for (2) hours and then the skin must get maximum healing for twenty two (22) hours before the cream can start killing again the next day. This is a very important point!!! Do NOT get in a hurry, you must be relaxed and let the cream do the work for you. You will then be happy with the final results!

It is important to do this job correctly the first time, so be sure to give yourself 100% of the time needed to do the job right. I would recommend taking off from work for a few months and just devote all of your time to this adventure. You would not want to go in the public after a week or two anyway.

I used about seventeen (17) tubes of fluorouracil cream and about the same number of large size tubes of Neosporin antibiotic ointment, not to mention tons of pure aloe vera gel.

I hope this will help you get through your time of pain, I understand your thoughts because I have been there myself.

Keep smiling, it could be worst...



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