Treatment for AK Actinic Keratosis

Removing Solar Keratosis with 5-Fluorouracil


Removing solar/actinic keratosis with fluorouracil cream is a very strange procedure. It allows a person to remove precancerous lesions, that are imbedded under the surface of the skin, from the comfort of your home! You are like a surgeon but instead of using a scalpel you use this cream to remove the lesions, without the danger of surgery.

The crazy thing is that unless you know somebody that has done it before, you are pretty much on your own. The doctors tell you to call them if you have any questions but you really do not know what to expect until it is too late to stop. The instructions just tell you to wash your face, let it air dry for ten minutes and apply the cream to wherever you think you have the AKs! But where are the AKs? And how do they come out and off?

When you complain to your doctor about the pain they tell you to stop using the cream and coat your face with a mixture of petroleum jelly and wax to seal the moisture in but the jelly just makes your skin itchy. Most people stop using the cream too early because they get too freaked out about what is happening to their face. The big thing that goes through the mind is the possibility of permanent scaring of the face.

Believe me, I made all the mistakes and was still able to end up with excellent results, because I DID NOT stop using the cream. If you stop using the cream too early the skin will look like it is tight, scared and drawn in. You have to realize that the skin cells of AK lesions are harder than normal healthy skin cells. If you stop using the cream too early and your skin looks like it is going to scar, the lesion is not finished being removed.

If you have already stopped using the cream and you have ended up with things that look like scars, don't worry, you can always finish removing them by starting back on the cream again.

I am going to tell you the SEVEN SIMPLE DAILY STEPS I did to get my excellent results, you can follow them or not, it's up to you. The key to this procedure is you must do the same seven (7) simple steps everyday to the same areas to keep the removal process working. You can always stop for a day or two to let the skin heal, but you have to continue if you want to remove them completely. The redness will go away when the lesions are gone!

You may find spots that you thought were finished only to have the spot get hard, sore and sensitive again. I feel these are spots that have progressed closer to that fine line between pre-cancer skin cells and full blown skin cancer cells. You must continue using the cream on these areas and they will disappear after a few more days of using the cream.

The important thing to realize is that only the areas that are infected with AKs turn red and get sore. If there are no AKs presently hiding in the skin, after seven days those areas will not get red or sore.

It becomes easy to see where the AK's ARE and where they ARE NOT in just a few days. You can stop using the cream anywhere that does not get red and sore.

I am NOT a doctor and what I am doing is telling you what worked for me, from my own personal, first hand experience. It is important for you to have a dermatologist help supervise your treatment.


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