Treatment for AK Actinic Keratosis

Seven Simple Daily Steps to Remove Solar Keratosis


1) First thing in the morning, I washed my entire face with sensitive skin soap and let the skin air dry for ten minutes.

2) I then applied the fluorouracil cream to the areas of my face with AKs and let the cream absorb into the skin for two (2) hours. It is important to stay out of the sun while using the cream and must remember to wash the hands after every application. It is important not to get the cream in the eyes by accidentally rubbing them.

After about four (4) days of use my face turned red and spotted up into large sore areas everywhere I had AKs. After about 7 to 10 days the stinging pain was so bad I was unable to sleep. I then learn to sleep on my back, because rolling over on my face was too painful. I had to figure out how to control the pain, because my skin felt like it did after the worst sunburn of my life.

3) After this seven (7) day period, to soothe the stinging pain I would apply several heavy coats of 100% Aloe Vera Gel, allowing each coat to dry before applying the next coat. I tried several types of Aloe Vera gel but the 100% pure with no additives worked best. It is important to wait at least two (2) hours after application of the 5-Fluorouracil cream before applying the Aloe Vera gel.

4) I would put my face in front of a FAN to help dry the Aloe Vera gel and cool off my face. The stinging pain would stop after about two or three applications of the Aloe Vera gel, I have applied up to seven (7) coats in one day. The Aloe Vera gel killed the stinging pain by HEALING and SEALING the surface of my face; allowing me to go out into the public for short periods of time. The Aloe Vera gel was the turning point in the control of pain, once over this obstacle it was all down hill. 

5) In the evening I would apply a heavy coat of antibiotic ointment to my entire face (over the dried coats of Aloe Vera gel) and let it absorb into the skin for one (1) hour or more. This softened the sore skin preventing any kind of infection and helped remove the dead lesions in the end stages. In the end stages after the antibiotic ointment absorbed into the dead lesions, the lesions would just rolled off under my fingernails.

6) I shaved the area I was treating with an electric shaver several times a day to cut off the stubble. The vibration of the shaver also felt good on my sensitive skin. The antibiotic ointment helped lubricate the shaver and gave me a smoother shave but the shaver heads needed cleaning more often because of clogging.

7) After the Aks came out, the skin became very dry and had a leathery like feel to it. I had to hydrate my skin with a products to keep my skin soft. I regularly soak in the hot tub and sit in the steam room at the local health club to help hydrate my skin.

In the morning I would start the seven simple steps over again and did it day after day. Once the removal process started working, I was able to take a couple of days off and let the skin heal before continuing the journey. 


~ Warning ~

Make sure you are checked by a dermatologist for AKs before using 5-Fluorouracil cream, this is a very powerful Chemotherapy drug that should ONLY be used with a prescription by a doctor. Women are less likely to have Aks because women take better care of their face because of the use of makeup. People with blue eyes and light skin are at the highest risk of developing AKs.

The above steps are steps that I took during my treatment for AKs. These steps gave me excellent end results but I am not a doctor. If you decide to try the steps described above and you do not get the same results for some reason, this web site or myself can not be held responsible.


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