Treatment for AK Actinic Keratosis

Smile lines are a very important area to treat


I have always loved to be out in the sun and even after going through this extreme procedure, I still have to continually expose my face to the sun. But when I do go out in the sun I now use sun block and wear a large brimmed hat, to cut down on any unnecessary sun exposure. One time when going to the races and got a full dose of sun for two days in a row. I thought all my AKs were removed but I was wrong!

 The smile line on my right cheek bumped up and I had to start treating the area again. By looking at earlier pictures I was able to determine I did not treat these areas long enough. I remembered they kept on bleeding and I thought I would be able to skip over them and get by. If I had it to do all over I would make sure that I hit these areas from the beginning. This is an area that bends and tends to bleed if you don't keep it soft with Aloe Vera and Neosporin during removal.

Being exposed for a day to the sun after the treatment is complete, helps bring out any lesions that are not completely removed. Any remains of the lesion bumps up and gets sore, it usually only takes a few more days of treatment to finish the spot. In my smile line case it was having to completely retreat the area because I did not treat the area long enough the first time around.

After completing this procedure it is important to treat the skin as if it was baby skin. It has become new fresh skin that has to be protected from the sun, if not new AKs will develop again!  

Below are pictures I took daily to show how this procedure actually works! You can tell by these pictures that lesions come off in layers, they DO NOT come off all in one piece but a layer at a time.


Day Number 12

Day Number 13

Day Number 14

Day Number 15


Day Number 16

Day Number 17

Day Number 18

Day Number 19


I remembered this spot from back when I was treating my entire face. I ended up overlooking the spot because I was so busy concentrating on other more important areas, not realizing EVERY SPOT is important!

You can see the spot I missed in the middle of the picture above. I had a mustache most of my life, which helped prevent AKs from forming above my lip. In the beginning of the treatment I only treated this particular spot for about a week, long enough to activate the AK, but NOT long enough to remove the lesion.


Day Number 20

Day Number 21

Day Number 22

Day Number 23


Day Number 24 AM

Day Number 24 PM

Day Number 25

Day Number 26




Having to redo this spot made me REVIEW what I had been doing over the last year and a half. I started doing the Seven Simple Daily Steps again, but this time it was only to treat a small spot and NOT my whole face. But it didn't matter if I was treating a small spot or my entire face, I did the same Seven Simple Daily Steps everyday!


Day Number 27

Day Number 28

Day Number 29

Day Number 30




Day Number 32

Day Number 34

Day Number 36

Day Number 70




As you can see by the pictures, this spot finally came out and healed up nicely. I continued applying the fluorouracil cream until all of the lesions were finally gone. At the end of the treatment I knew all of the lesions were gone when the skin's redness turned back to its natural skin color!

More of the AK had to come out of my smile line


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