Treatment for AK Actinic Keratosis

How I removed the AKs from the back of my head


I finally decided to shave my entire head and finish this wild and crazy journey. It took about a month to get used to having my head shaved, but after the first month it started feeling pretty cool! At first I concentrated on the left side of my head, then I realized the right side needed additional treatment, too. I started shaving it every few days, then I began shaving it as often as I shave my face. I had to use an electric shaver because of the raw AK spots. 

I know people think I have cancer and on chemotherapy the truth is I DO NOT have cancer, I am using a chemotherapy drug but it did NOT make my hair fall out! The same cream I used on my face is also used as a chemotherapy drug for most internal cancers. The big difference is when treating the skin on the outside of the body, it does NOT make you feel sick and it does NOT make your hair fall out.

The strange twist is, when using the cream on the skin you MUST shave your hair so the cream can work properly. When it is used to kill internal cancers it is used intravenously and can cause damage to internal organs plus it usually causes your hair to fall out.

I used the cream differently on the back of my head, I wasn't planning on treating this area until I had someone to help me do the treatment. But I started to take pictures of the back of my head and it became easy to treat by looking at the pictures.







By treating this area slowly and every few days, my skin did NOT get near as red as my face did. After I stopped using the cream, the AKs would bump up and become sore like a pimple. I was then able to see and feel the AK bumps and concentrate on those particular areas.

It turned out there were more AKs around the crown of my head and I realized that was because the sun's rays hit that area directly. It reminded me of the earth with the pyramids located between the Tropic of Cancer and the Tropic of Capricorn. I see my head like the earth and the crown of the head getting the most direct rays of sunlight causing more AKs to develop on this area.

I also had strange indentions on the back of the right side of my head. The cream has removed these areas and has caused the skin to fill out and become smoother. After using the cream, the AK bumps and sore spots cleared up just as they did when I treated my face.

After about a month and a half of using the Carac cream and the Aloe Vera gel I decided to start applying Neosporin. I had not used the Neosporin on my head this time around because the skin did not get near as red or sore as it did when treating my face.

But I was happy to see the Neosporin start to work again, I had forgotten how important it was to use the Neosporin! All the AK spots that became sore in the beginning started to come together to form one large area. After the Neosporin absorbed in I was able to feel the AK spots with my finger tips and lightly scrape the dead AK layers off with my fingernails.

I am about finished treating the back of my head, I can now apply the Carac cream to my entire head and face. It is like doing the complete final treatment, I am able to check and make sure I have not missed any AKs. Because when you have completely removed all of the AKs, the healthy skin is not affected by the Carac 5-Fluorouracil cream!

Finally after all these years, I am back to normal and have no AKs to worry about developing into cancer. I have grown my hair back and it grew back just as full or fuller than it was before starting the Ak removal.

I am a happy camper again and looking forward to an exciting future!!!


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