Treatment for AK Actinic Keratosis

How do the AK Lesions come off?


When I first started this treatment I wondered just how are the AKs supposed to come out of the skin? After starting on the cream I developed my own technique, that worked excellent for me. It actually sounds gross and really opposite to what you would think, but IT WORKED FOR ME!

I started using the cream on my forehead because it had a few unusual spots I considered possible cancer. I did what they said on the instructions, but I still didn't understand how AKs actually came out and off of the skin. After about 4 or 5 days it seemed like my skin turned red and got extremely sore wherever I was applying the cream.

Was this what they called RED FACE? Were the AKs gone and removed? NO, the AKs had just appeared and showed themselves but they were not removed yet! The lesions will not let you stop using the cream at this point. If you stop using the cream the lesions that have been activated by the cream will get sore and sensitive. When you start using the cream again the soreness stops and the process will continue where it left off.

It's like when you kill weeds in your lawn, you spray the weeds with weed killer and the weeds die over a period of time. The cream is like the weed killer but it kills the AKs on a daily basis over a period of time.

The dead AK becomes like a scab on an open cut, the cut isn't healed yet, the scab must protect the cut until the cut becomes healed and then the scab or dead lesion comes off.

During this whole process I have compared this treatment to what I have done in the past. As a hobby during my life I have been a mechanic, paint and body man. In June of 2003 I repaired the bodywork on my MGB and repainted the car a beautiful baby blue.

During my AK treatment I have been able to compare the bodywork I do to my car, to the bodywork I did to my face. The only difference is God repaints our face after we do the bodywork on it!

The AKs showing themselves and getting sore, is a beginning stage of the AKs being killed and removed by the cream. It wasn't until I got to my cheeks that I realized how this stuff really works. All the little spots turn into one big area after all of the AKs come to the surface. On my forehead they came off like a peeling sunburn but the AKs on the cheeks were too thick to peel off.

It sounds crazy but after two weeks of these thick dead lesions that would not peel off my cheeks, I freaked out and all I could think about was having a badly scared face the rest of my life, so I had to do something to prevent it.

It is actually hard to get scars from this procedure, a scar is formed when there is a cut that has to heal from the bottom of the cut surface. During this process there are no cuts so you should NOT end up with any scars. The only way you will get a scar is if you don't use Neosporin and get an infection. The infected area will get a scab on it and if you pick at the scab, it will create a scar.

I was thinking like a body man and realized the last water sanding done before painting a car is the most important part of the job. If you don't do a good job on the final bodywork, the imperfections on the body will show up after the car is repainted. I had to finish the bodywork on my face so after God repainted it, my face would not show any imperfections.

At this point I think the procedure is like striping and removing old paint when refinishing a paint job on a car. The surface gets soft after you apply the paint striper and you have to scrape the bad stuff down to the harder surface. That is how the cream worked on my face, after the lesions got red, died and came to the surface of the skin, I had to scrape the bad or dead remains from the surface of my face to reveal the new, soft, smooth, fresh skin beneath.

After this discovery I filed my fingernails flat and smooth so my nails were like a scraper removing old gasket material from the surface of the head of an engine block. It sounds like the craziest thing but it was like scraping chewing gum from the soul of my boots, ya know the soul of the boot is harder so ya can just scrape it down to the solid surface.

After scraping and removing the bulk of the lesions, the cream changes grid like sandpaper and the little remains of the lesions come to the surface. About one hour after the last daily step of coating the face with Neosporin each day, I would softly scrape the remains of the dead lesions from my face.

The Neosporin softened the dead lesions allowing me to scrape them off without damaging the healthy skin beneath. When the lesions are finally removed, you can put the cream on the entire treated area and it doesn't get red anymore, nothing happens to the skin. That is how you know you have removed the AKs completely.

During the last stages of the removal, to remove any final remains, I would soak in the hot tub and sit in the steam room. After about an hour in the steam room I would RUB my face with the palms of my hands and the final remains would just ROLL OFF in small pieces. This was like the final water sanding of the surface of my car before repainting it.


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