AK Around the Ears

Fishing for more AK behind my right ear


Over the past few years I had a feeling I still had AK lesions above my left ear. The area would itch after being exposed to the sunlight and when I scratched it, dried skin would show up under my fingernails. So on December 26th 2007 I completely shaved my left temple and started to reapply the cream, in order to finish removing ALL of the AK!


It turned out, I had finished removing the AKs from my face but I was not finished removing the AK from above my left ear and temple.


Sure enough after about 7 days the redness returned and the remains of the lesion started to come out. I then realized the lesions went around the back of my ear, so I shaved more of the hair behind my left ear and treated the entire area.



Fishing for more AK behind my right ear

After two (2) weeks, I decided it was a good time to fish for more AKs behind my right ear, so I shaved the hair behind my right ear and treated the skin around this ear, too. I am glad I made that decision, because after 7 more days I found out it was VERY important for me to finish the right side, too.


I went back to my Seven Daily Steps and the remaining lesions have been coming out nicely. I was glad to see the process start up right where it had left off, four (4) years earlier. This is important to understand, being able to continue removing AK from skin that I had stopped applying the cream to for over four (4) years!


In the beginning I thought all AK removal had to be completed at the same time, all in a period of one (1) month. I did not realize the treatment could be stopped and started up again later, completing the entire lesion removal over a period of years.

March 7, 2008

The right side AK lesions came out nicely, but now I had to remove a diamond shaped AK crater from my left temple! This area had AK roots in it that had been lying dormant ever since I treated the area over four (4) years ago.


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