Treatment for AK Actinic Keratosis

Removing AK from the skin under my eyebrows


It has been two and a half years since I started to use fluorouracil cream to remove the AKs on my face. During this period there were several times when I thought I was finally finished using the cream. But again I found another area that needed to be finished up, the skin under the hair of my eyebrows!

Recently I worked several days outside in the direct sunlight and a few spots on my left eyebrow bumped up and got sore. I realized that now was the time to finish the job, so I shaved my eyebrows and started to reapply the cream on this area.

I repeated my seven simple daily steps I talk about on this website. When using fluorouracil cream it is very important not to expose the treated area to the direct sunlight. The cream is a lot easier to use when you have experience and know what to expect.

I look a little strange without eyebrows but they will grow back. I was surprised that most people did not even notice I shaved them off.

As you can see I have grown hair on my face, the fluorouracil cream did not affect my hair growth. The cream does not work through the hair, so all hair must be shaved daily from any area being treated.

In the beginning I did not know the sunlight could penetrate the hair, but after 30 days I found out that lesions had developed under the fine hairs of my sideburns and temples.

If I had it all to do over, I would shave my eyebrows, sideburns and temples in the very beginning, when I first started treatment on the forehead. I would also make sure I spent more time on completing the smile lines.

The left side of my face had more AK on it than the right side because most of my sun damage was created while driving my MG sports car.


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