I hope the pictures and information on this web site has been of benefit to you. I receive messages from people that have used my techniques in their removal of AKs. I am glad the experience I obtained from this procedure has helped others in the same situation. I started this guest book so more people could benefit from reading about and seeing the results that are possible when diagnosed with this condition.

I feel the knowledge I obtained from performing this procedure is very important and that more people should understand this possible option. You are welcome to send comments or pictures from your own personal AK removal experience, please send them to


I am a 61 year old guy that grew up on the Texas Gulf Coast, and ran around as a kid during the summertime in nothing but a pair of shorts. Dark hair and brown eyes, but fair Irish skin. As I grew up, time spent outdoors translated into at least a couple of nasty sunburns each and every summer before I would finally tan over.
I have recurring AKs all over my face and ears, and since my late 30's have had cryo treatments and a few bcc's and a couple of scc removed via surgery or burning. Problems on my arms, shoulder and back, too. I have used 5% F cream before, but was startled by the initial results, and stopped prematurely. (I wussed out.)
The care you have taken to describe and illustrate the procedure that worked for you has given me the foundation to go ahead with ridding myself of the AKs that keep sprouting and requiring cryosurgery every 4 months or so.
The slower walk procedure that allows a daily recovery period (1X 5%F daily application, followed by aloe and anti-biotic ointment if required by broken, oozing skin) is less painful and radical than the 2X daily application for 30 days straight that leaves your face a painful, red, oozing, thickly crusted mess. What I like about your protocol is that you can tell that all of the AK that is lurking beneath the skin is gone before you stop applying the 5%F cream. The anti-biotic ointment application that facilitates the fingernail/rubbing debriding of the dead, AK damaged skin cells that emerge to the surface during treatment is, I think, helpful to the final outcome.
You put a lot of thought and effort into your web site, all based upon favorable outcomes. Thanks for what you have done and your illustrations of what worked for you. You may never know, this side of the veil, how many folks have been helped by your efforts.
Take good care of yourself.

Gary A. Brown

Woodstock, Georgia

In nomine Patri, et Fili, et Spiritus Sancti.




I'm Jeffery David and I'm using Carac, I can't tell you how worried I was and apprehensive. I'm 37 and several years ago my dermatologist said I needed to do this treatment. He showed me pictures but then said nothing else.

What is going on that we pay (I pay over $700 a month) huge fees for insurance and our doctors don't tell us anything specific.
Thanks for your information, it gives me some peace of mind knowing what's to really come. I've applied Carac only 2 days so far, but I'm following your 7 steps already, I drink tons of water and I've been on vitamins for a while...tons of Vitamin C and E, I hope this goes quick.
Crazy thing is that I'm also on vocal rest, I'm a music producer for a living and a recording artist so I use my voice for everything every day, I was told I had to be silent for 8 weeks, so I decided to kill 2 birds with one stone, do my face and heal my voice.
I have to say, I have been self conscious for a while out side talking to people, I felt embarrassed of my AK's.. I'm thankful they will be gone.
Yahoo, you're a blessing... I thank God you are around.... please let's all teach our doctors a thing of two.... it's their jobs to know and inform us.... instead some cool dude has to do it.
Jeffery David



Yours is an Excellent website. I searched for several days to find a website that tells it all in one place and yours does a very detailed job. Thank you.

I am a blue-eyed blonde and have been on the water as a boater much of my life. I did use sunscreen as an adult and have never tanned, just burned. My folks each had skin cancers as adults.

I have had 3 bcc removed so far. Five years ago a great dermatologist In Bellingham, WA recommended Efudex for my nose, which I used and it worked great then but just did spots, not entire area. Have seen 6 dermatologists as an adult and only ONE recommended Efudex or Carac treatment for my skin. The doctors seem more interested in freezing spots or doing skin surgery. My guess is patients who use the cream generate less money for them.

I am in the middle of Carac treatment on my face and neck. Spent a month doing my arm and backs of hands. Then started back on my chin and nose three weeks ago. Now that I am informed, will start with the rest of my face and neck. Your statement that when the red goes away your skin is clear is a well needed comment. I stopped when it got too red and started to bleed. Had to do my chin twice because of that. Now my chin is much clearer and I can use regular face cream on it even though the redness is still there.

Thanks again, and I will recommend your site to my fair skinned friends.

Jean Van Leuven
from Washington State and Arizona



I just wanted to let you know your web site was more helpful and more informative than my dermatologist!

They gave me the Carac Cream and said "Your face is going to be bright red and people will stare at you". Gave me no information on how to clean it, what type of lotions to use on it, how it will look or anything.

I put off using it for several months because I could not find out anything about it or how it works. Finally found your site, read it, re-read it, printed it out and took it home and read it again during the treatment. I was in an accident and out on disability for 3 months so just decided to do it then. Glad I did.

It wasn't too bad. Did turn red, everything I put on it burned, but the fan treatment worked! I had to put the cream on for 3 weeks. Once I stopped I was pretty healed in a week. Glad it's over!

If I hadn't found your site I would probably have put it off. I do have a beard so used it only on forehead and cheek areas. Just wanted to say Thank You! Glad I did it, it worked well and hope not to do it again!

Take Care,

Tim St. John, St. Petersburg, Florida



Thank you and congratulations on putting the very interesting and informative web page together. I have read it about 3 times and it is the most informative source I have found.

I am now in my 50th day of taking Soloraze.  Solaoaze is an ointment, which works much like the medication you have described. I am experiencing symptoms much like a severe sunburn and I am very very red. I am working in Albania on a government contract and the US (dermatologist) doctor started me on Solaraze and advised me to see a Dr. over here occasionally to do some monitoring.

On day 25, I visited a nurse and was told that things looked pretty good. She also said I would be very happy with the result when it was finally over. I felt pretty good about her comments and have not done a follow-up visit until today.

I saw an American Dr. today who is not a dermatologist. He was alarmed about the degree of redness in my face. I checked your photos and I do not think I am any more red than you were at this stage (50 days).

My other concern is that I have developed some deep creases on each side of the bridge of my nose. The tissue between the creases is easy to remove when my skin is moist but I wonder if this will leave me with scars in this area of my face. Did you experience any of this? What was the condition of your skin at the end of the treatment? Was the skin smooth or were you left with a ruddy complexion?

How long did you leave the crème on your face for each treatment (always 2 hours)? Did you wash your face clean of the crème before going to bed? Did you only use pure aloe? And the anti-biotic ointment. Could you sleep free of pain and itching? Did you ever stop the treatments to let your face take a rest? Was it easy to get started again? How did you decide when to quit? Did you stop certain areas of your face and continue with others for some days?

Sorry to bother you with so many questions but I am in a spot over here with little or no medical advise. 

Thank you again for providing me with this valuable information.

Weldon Richardson, Albania



Congratulations on doing so much work on your face! I love your website. I have returned to it many times. You have already helped so many people, I think it is just wonderful, oh so helpful. Thank you very very much for responding to my email. I took 3 more pictures today to send you: front and each side. You are right. I have not done the chin. I certainly should have added that in.

The derm just had me doing forehead, nose, and cheeks. Because of reading your site, I added the eyebrows and outer jaw area (which both had a good reaction). Then, just a week ago, I added the area from the upper lip to the nose. Don't think I'll add anything else right now, but after Christmas, I will probably do the chest, neck, and chin. I did the bottom lip first, in Feb.

Here's where I am right now: Went to the derm today (Day 24 to face). She said to stop the carac and prescribed Desonide cortisone cream. She did say for me to continue on for another 2 weeks w/ the area between lip and nose (and not to use the cort. cream there). I am on Day 9 w/ that.
My cheeks have never peeled or blistered, but the skin is very thick. She said I definitely had damage there. It is perhaps healing from the bottom up. Does this make sense to you?  Do you think it will ever peel? I know that you are not a doc, but I want your honest opinion. You are better that a doc. I guess if I stop too soon, like you say, I can always do it later..... but I am telling you, I am not going to want to do my face again any time soon. I would rather get all I can now.
~ Carroll (age 53)




January 25, 2009

I am in hopes that you might be able to answer a few of my questions. I have been applying Carac cream to my face for going on the third week now. I have called my dermatologist twice and am going to call her again tomorrow. My frustration is that I am not being asked for a follow up visit or have been called to see how I am doing. I find this product is quite irritable and have not been able to gather much sleep due to the constant pain and itching. No-one at the clinic has bothered to call me or ask questions about my condition. Do you think I should keep up with the Carac or keep going with it? Should I shave in the meantime? Any information you could give me would be greatly appreciated. Does one usually keep with the Carac longer than I have or does it take weeks, months?

Thank-you in advance,

Harold in Wisconsin

Thank you so much for the quick and very speedy reply!! I am now printing off your reply and will read it over!!! I have learned more from you than anyone I have talked with... I did forget to mention that I am 77 years old and otherwise in good health... I will surely get Aloe Vera gel tomorrow and start using in right away--again, thanks ever so much and I will keep in touch... do not have a digital camera so cannot send a pic. but could take a pic and send it?  Have a great day--


Harold (age 77)

Jan 26, 2009

I went and picked up Aloe Vera gel and the Neosporin, I shaved with an electric razor this evening and then applied the Aloe Vera, it burned like the dickens then I put a fan toward my face...I will apply the Aloa Vera prior to bedtime ...tomorrow I will start again with the Carac and then follow your steps. I will keep you informed on my progress, tomorrow will be the 21st day of the Carac and it is miserable as you well know. I will use the Neosporin tomorrow.  Again, I thank you for the much needed support and advice !!





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